Site Prep FAQ

Cross Section of Pole Building

Here we show a typical cross section view of a Pole Building. Most designs require a footing depth in the range of 36" to 48" deep from finished floor to the bottom of the footing. Keep in mind that we show this cross section for illustration purposes only. Each design can vary slightly based upon code and design requirements for different building sizes.


Q. What do you use to dig the holes?

A. We use an auger on a skidsteer for most buildings.

Q. How deep are the footings?

A. Minimally they are 36" deep. There are a few variable factors that affect the depth required such as frost depth in your area, size of the building, etc. Each building is designed for the code requirements in your area and footing depths and sizes are determined accordingly.

Q. Do you pour concrete to set the posts on?

A. On small to medium sized buildings we use a pre-cast pole pill. Larger buildings typically require a wet poured footing because of the larger footing size required.

Q. What goes back in the hole after the post is set?

A. On most buildings we tamp dirt back into the hole for backfill. In some designs such as open buildings or very large buildings we will add concrete around the posts for additional wind uplift restraint.

Q. Who applies for the building permit?

A. All required zoning permits and building permits are the responsibility of the homeowner. A full set of structural building prints will be provided at no charge. If your township requires sealed prints they can be provided by us for a $500 fee.

Q. Can I get a picture or preliminary drawing showing the building I am looking for?

A. Yes! With our in-house design capabilities, our staff can provide you with preliminary drawings to help you visualize your project.